There’s no daring cocktails, no look-at-me crowd – just you and your friends enjoying each others’ company, in the way Italians have practised and perfected over hundreds of years.
— Broadsheet
Donec id justo non metus auctor commodo ut quis enim. Mauris fringilla dolor vel condimentum imperdiet.
— Claire C.

Amici! Trade in Thornbury’s trams for the cobblestones of Italy at Joanie’s Baretto.

Years ago, when we opened Umberto Espresso Bar, we wanted to bring you the best authentic Italian food, but I don’t just want a full belly - I want wine! I want to dance! I want to kick up my heels!

I saw that Melbourne needed a place that celebrated the best of Italia - a negroni after work, a prosecco before dinner, or a fine grappa or digestivo to end the night.

That, amici, is why we opened Joanie’s Baretto. I want to show you the other Italia, which is more than just eating. We enjoy all the things that make life great - vino, antipasto, musica!

Come to the bar before dinner and start the night in style, or come late and stay even later.

Join us, and become part of the family. 

Un abbraccio, Joanie x

a small, Italian-style bar, the food and drink lists are compact but well directed. The winelist is all-Italian and well priced while beer and cocktail lists speak with a similar accent.
Bypassing uptight coolness in favour of friendly Italian ease, Joanie’s elevates aperitivo hour to the next level.
— The Age - Good Food Guide

As seen in Flightnetwork's Article - 72 hours in Melbourne


“Start the second evening at Joanie’s Baretto. Here you can experience a perfect Italian atmosphere and join in on a great tradition: Aperitivo.

Aperitivo is an Italian tradition where you – when you finish a day of work – go celebrate with a drink and cicchetti – small bites. And since you’ve been “working” your way around Melbourne, it’s the perfect excuse for you to join in on the fun.”